I'm a Jax native but have a huge family in SC that I grew up with. So I have an odd taste of urban & nature. I've been crafting since I was little, using anything I could get my hands on. From my granny's old jewelry & clothes to metal scraps from my dad's shop. I'm using this blog just to keep you up to date on my shop & what I'm working on... & maybe post some other randomness like how-to's or things I'm cooking ;) Hope you enjoy & feel free to check out my shop or other profiles on FB & Twitter!

Friday, October 5, 2012

FL Surfing

Make sure you come out to Jacksonville Beach this weekend for the Florida Surfing Championship! I'm doing a booth at the art show this Saturday for the Seawalk Celebration! It's 11am-10pm there's gonna be an Art & Eco village, food trucks & drinks, & awesome music all day! I've got lots of prepping to do so hope to see you there! For more info, lists of vendors, bands or direction click the link! :)

FL Surfing Championship Home Page

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wedding headband

I'm normally not into dainty wire wrapping, but I think this turned out really well! 
One of my best friends is getting married at the end of the summer & she is having a small ocean themed wedding. She found this headband/tiara online for a good chunk of money. And since she's trying to keep the wedding small & inexpensive she didn't think she should spend the cash. She thought about making it herself, but then I volunteered to do it since I've done similar wire wrapping before. I love doing personal projects for friends! It took some hunting but I finally found some starfish (aka Sea Stars since I'm a Marine Bio major). It was really easy once I sat down to do it. I put on a movie (Brothers Grimm, I'm a Matt Damon lover!) and by the time the movie was over I was finished making it! :) I used sterling silver wire & Swarovski crystals to give it a expensive look & so it would last if she or her future kids ever wanted to use it again.
 Since she's no longer living down here in sunny Florida with me anymore I'm mailing it up to her for her to go to her hair trial next month, I hope she loves it! I'm so excited I got to do a lil part in my friends' wedding. So excited that two of my good friends are getting married! Love my "twin & son"!

I posted a link below of the original I tried to copy for her. Credits go to them for the inspiration :)
Hair Comes the Bride - Tiara 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Circle Afghan

 Right now I'm working on this awesome crochet blanket! I found the pattern on the back of the label on Lion Brand Yarn. But you can click the link & see the pattern for yourself! Also below is the picture with the colors they used. But I love deep & bright colors so I changed it to give it some umph! Purple has always been a favorite color of mine, & over the years I've added greed & orange to the fav list. It's going a little slow because I live in Florida & its getting really hot here. It's hard to keep it on your lap to work on it in this heat! Also sometimes I get on a roll doing double crochets & forget how many times I've gone around, so I have to go back & take some of it out :P

Another cool thing about this pattern online at Lion Brand is that you can select the colors you want & print out the pattern with those colors instead of the demo they used. Pretty nifty in keeping track of what colors you're on & not getting mixed up. Well I'm off to work, I'll post pictures of the finished afghan when I'm done :D

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

t-shirt quilt

Finally finished this quilt I've been working on for a friend! Probably not the most amazing piece I've ever sewn, but considering it was my first time doing a quilt all by myself, I'm proud of it.  Other than sewing the binding, it was all quilted by hand. Which took forever it seemed, with lots of pricked & bleeding fingers.

My Granny Herron taught me when I was about 8 or 9 how to quilt. And we made one together that had this really cool basket & flower pattern on it. But doing this t-shirt quilt by myself since my Granny is no longer with us was hard. I wanted to be uber careful since I was working with a friends t-shirts that she considered precious. It'd been easier if I could've asked her for help when I ran into a problem sewing. But with tons of hours google-ing how-to's & calling my mom for any advise she could think of, I was able to complete it!

Now that I finished it, I'm kinda wanting to make one for myself. I'm gonna make a few changes though & try to make a thicker boarder with more color. But I've gotta collect a couple more t-shirts to make the size that I'm wanting. So for now I'm just doing research & planning to start this next quilt soon! Wish me luck!