I'm a Jax native but have a huge family in SC that I grew up with. So I have an odd taste of urban & nature. I've been crafting since I was little, using anything I could get my hands on. From my granny's old jewelry & clothes to metal scraps from my dad's shop. I'm using this blog just to keep you up to date on my shop & what I'm working on... & maybe post some other randomness like how-to's or things I'm cooking ;) Hope you enjoy & feel free to check out my shop or other profiles on FB & Twitter!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

t-shirt quilt

Finally finished this quilt I've been working on for a friend! Probably not the most amazing piece I've ever sewn, but considering it was my first time doing a quilt all by myself, I'm proud of it.  Other than sewing the binding, it was all quilted by hand. Which took forever it seemed, with lots of pricked & bleeding fingers.

My Granny Herron taught me when I was about 8 or 9 how to quilt. And we made one together that had this really cool basket & flower pattern on it. But doing this t-shirt quilt by myself since my Granny is no longer with us was hard. I wanted to be uber careful since I was working with a friends t-shirts that she considered precious. It'd been easier if I could've asked her for help when I ran into a problem sewing. But with tons of hours google-ing how-to's & calling my mom for any advise she could think of, I was able to complete it!

Now that I finished it, I'm kinda wanting to make one for myself. I'm gonna make a few changes though & try to make a thicker boarder with more color. But I've gotta collect a couple more t-shirts to make the size that I'm wanting. So for now I'm just doing research & planning to start this next quilt soon! Wish me luck!